My Name Is Asher Lev Character Descriptions

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Aryeh Lev

This character's profession requires a great deal of traveling in order to found Ladover yeshivos, or schools.

Rivkeh Lev

After suffering the death of a loved one, this character finishes that loved one's work by attending Brooklyn College to study Russian history and culture.

Jacob Kahn

This character teaches that if one causes suffering by one's art, the only way to redeem that suffering is to become a great artist.

The Rebbe

This character is the leader of the Ladover community and must be consulted whenever a member of the community is making a life-changing decision.

Yudel Krinsky

This character arrives from Siberia and is painted many times, especially surrounded by boxes of matzoh in his store.

Yitzchok Lev

Unlike his brother, this character sees the financial potential of the main character's art and from the beginning encourages the main character to develop his gift.

The Mashpia

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