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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tiger contemplate as she and Aunt Dorie Kay drive?
(a) How much she misses Granny.
(b) How different Aunt Dorie Kay is from her mother.
(c) Whether she should have Jesse Wade for a boyfriend.
(d) How long she will be able to stay in Baton Rouge before she gets homesick.

2. What do Lonnie and Tiger note about the Anders' cows as they pass by?
(a) They are huddled in the middle of the field.
(b) They are all lying down.
(c) They are walking alongside the road.
(d) They are walking in a straight line.

3. Why does Dorie Kay send Magnolia to the Parkers' home for a few days?
(a) To write the checks.
(b) To get some rest.
(c) To talk to Corrina about grief.
(d) To help the family.

4. What is Aunt Dorie Kay's given name?
(a) Deidre.
(b) Delores.
(c) Doreen.
(d) Doris.

5. Shorty and Milton mock Lonnie when he tells Mrs. Thompson that ____________________.
(a) a storm is coming.
(b) he once drove a race car.
(c) he was a champion wrestler.
(d) he can hold his breath for four minutes.

Short Answer Questions

1. The person in #95 will write the checks in exchange for Lonnie doing what?

2. Aunt Dorie Kay takes Tiger shopping for ___________________.

3. Where does Aunt Dorie Kay take Tiger for a treat?

4. Abby Lynn tells Tiger that Tiger's hair looks like _________________.

5. Why does Tiger have a difficult time sleeping that night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Magnolia and what is her role in the story?

2. What does Tiger learn about racial disparity when spending time with Magnolia?

3. What changes has Aunt Dorie Kay made in her life to escape her past and what changes does she suggest for Tiger?

4. What does Tiger's reconciliation with Jesse indicate about Tiger?

5. To what does Tiger compare they way people in town treat her parents?

6. What are Tiger's feelings about moving to Baton Rouge with Aunt Dorie Kay?

7. What does Tiger note regarding her grief for Granny and the hurt that Aunt Dorie Kay feels about her strained relationship with Granny?

8. What does Tiger note about racial prejudice when she is in town with Aunt Dorie Kay?

9. What is Tiger's behavior during the time of Granny's funeral?

10. What happens between her parents that makes Tiger reconsider moving to Baton Rouge with Aunt Dorie Kay?

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