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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What one thing does Aunt Dorie Kay regret not doing in her life?
(a) Going on a cruise.
(b) Going to college.
(c) Getting married to her childhood sweetheart.
(d) Resolving her relationship with Granny before Granny's death.

2. Tiger is going to stay with Aunt Dorie Kay for a few days in which city?
(a) Baton Rouge.
(b) Savannah.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Atlanta.

3. Why does Lonnie refuse to leave the nursery when the storm hits?
(a) The storm will pass if he waits a little while.
(b) He promised Mr. Thompson he would take care of it.
(c) He is afraid of storms.
(d) It is too far to walk in a thunderstorm.

4. What noise starts suddenly and startles the family?
(a) Gunshots down the street.
(b) Hundreds of birds outside the house.
(c) A fierce thunderstorm.
(d) Sirens.

5. For what reason does Tiger apologize to Jesse Wade?
(a) For yelling at him.
(b) For not inviting him to her party.
(c) For spilling mustard on his pants.
(d) For stepping on his foot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Corrina has not showered for __________________.

2. How long does Tiger stay at the creek after Jesse Wade goes home?

3. Who calls to offer Tiger a job?

4. Who are the two nursery workers who make fun of Lonnie?

5. What does Tiger notice about the soda shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Shorty so angry when Mrs. Thompson takes Lonnie's advice over his?

2. What does Tiger learn about racial disparity when spending time with Magnolia?

3. How does the author show that Tiger is becoming more emotionally discerning?

4. What happens between her parents that makes Tiger reconsider moving to Baton Rouge with Aunt Dorie Kay?

5. What does Tiger's reconciliation with Jesse indicate about Tiger?

6. What does Aunt Dorie Kay advise Tiger regarding how she hurt Jesse and why regret is a negative thing?

7. What is the scene at the Parker home when Tiger and Magnolia arrive?

8. What does Lonnie prove are his positive characteristics?

9. What does Tiger note about racial prejudice when she is in town with Aunt Dorie Kay?

10. Who is Magnolia and what is her role in the story?

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