My Louisiana Sky Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the premise of "My Louisiana Sky'?

"My Louisiana Sky" is the coming-of-age story of a girl named Tiger, a sixth-grader who lives with her grandmother and mentally disabled parents, Corrina and Lonnie. Although Tiger's parents are "slow", Tiger is intelligent. She earns straight A's in school and has been the spelling bee winner for five years. Living in the rural town of Saitter, Tiger dreams of escaping the embarrassment of her parents and gaining the acceptance of the most popular girl in town, Abby Lynn.

2. What gift does Aunt Dorie Kay have delivered for the Parker family, and how do the family members accept it?

In Chapter 1, city-dweller Aunt Dorie Kay, Corrina's sister, visits the family. During Aunt Dorie Kay's visit, a delivery truck arrives at the house. Aunt Dorie Kay initially feigns ignorance when the men unload the large box from the truck. After seeing the invoice and opening the box, Tiger realizes that Aunt Dorie Kay has purchased the family a television set. Tiger and her parents are ecstatic about the gift, but Granny is critical. Tiger notices that Aunt Dorie Kay looks sad after Granny critiques the gift.

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