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This is the rural town where Tiger resides.

Thompson Nursery

This is one of the major businesses in Saitter.

Louisiana Lady

This is a new breed of Camellia flower that Mr. Thompson has been working on for eight years.

Baton Rouge

This is the city where Aunt Dorie Kay lives and works.

Saitter Creek

During the summer, Tiger, Jesse and Corrina spend hot afternoons floating on inner tubes here.

Hazel's Beauty Shop

Located in Baton Rouge, this is located near the Post Office where Tiger drops off Aunt Dorie Kay's bills for mailing.


During Aunt Dorie Kay's visit early in the novel, she gives the Parker family this gift.

Miss Astor and Pansy

This animal often gets loose from the pasture and the other has to be saved from mud during a storm.

Poodle Skirt

Iconic clothing worn in the 1950s, Tiger refers to this when...

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