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Tiger Ann Parker

The main character, she is a smart sixth-grader living in the rural town of Saitter, Louisiana, with her grandmother and developmentally disabled parents.


She is the head of the multi-generational Parker household, taking care of both Tiger's parents and Tiger.

Corrina Parker

She fell from a tree as a small child while trying to retrieve her infant sister, sustained head trauma from the accident, and remains in the mental state of a six-year-old.

Lonnie Parker

He works at a nursery and assists with the propagation of a new, prized flower dubbed the Louisiana Lady.

Aunt Dorie Kay

She is stylish and sophisticated, and makes a comfortable living in Baton Rouge as a secretary for Governor Earl K. Long.

Jesse Wade Thompson

Tiger finds him spoiled because he does not have to do chores and spends most of his time playing baseball.

Abby Lynn Anders

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