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Chapters 1-3

• Dorie Kay Parker visits her family in the small Louisiana town of Saitter.

• During Dorie Kay's visit, a new television is delivered to the Parkers and her twelve-year-old niece, Tiger, realizes that Aunt Dorie Kay has purchased the TV for the family.

• Tiger and her parents, Lonnie and Corrina, are thrilled with the new TV but Granny is critical.

• Tiger notices that Granny, Dorie Kay and Corrina's mother is always critical of Dorie Kay and it makes Dorie Kay sad.
• Granny, Tiger, Corrina and Lonnie attend a Baptist church service where Corrina says "Amen" too loudly, causing the prettiest girl in town, Abby Lynn, to laugh.

• At the same service, Corrina loudly whispers to Tiger that Granny is snoring, causing the whole congregation to laugh.

• Tiger's parents are both "slow" while Tiger is intelligent, causing her embarrassment in public and frustration at home.

• At a picnic...

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