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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jane say she hated about South Africa?
(a) The cities.
(b) Apartheid.
(c) Religion.
(d) The animal sacrifice.

2. What did Jane like to draw as a child?
(a) Insect anatomy.
(b) Houses.
(c) Chimapnzees.
(d) African tribe members.

3. Where did Leakey take Goodall for an expedition?
(a) Victoria Lake.
(b) Cook Island.
(c) Olduvai Gorge.
(d) Mluvami Valley.

4. What does Jane watch the chicken doing?
(a) Attempting to fly.
(b) Pecking another chicken.
(c) Laying an egg.
(d) Eating grain.

5. What kind of boating does Jane say is harder than canoeing?
(a) Kayaking.
(b) Punting.
(c) Sailing.
(d) Rowing.

6. What does Jane say is the only animal more fascinating than the chimpanzee?
(a) The cat.
(b) The dog.
(c) The human.
(d) The monkey.

7. What insects was Karl von Frisch fascinated by?
(a) Bees.
(b) Ants.
(c) Wasps.
(d) Flies.

8. Where did many of the hens like to lay their eggs rather than the hen house?
(a) The woods.
(b) The long grass.
(c) The bushes.
(d) The cellar.

9. When did the geese come back to Lorenz?
(a) When they were dying.
(b) When they were hurt.
(c) When they lost their mates.
(d) In the winter months.

10. What country did Jane take a train to from South Africa?
(a) Kenya.
(b) Zimbabwe.
(c) Swasiland.
(d) Nigeria.

11. What can Jane see sitting on a nest of straw?
(a) A man.
(b) A bird.
(c) A rat.
(d) A mouse.

12. Which of the following birds did Jane find scary?
(a) Chickens.
(b) Geese.
(c) Swans.
(d) Mallards.

13. What animal did Jane enjoy feeding at the manor house?
(a) Geese.
(b) Hens.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Cats.

14. Which of the following cities did Goodall visit in South Africa?
(a) Buffalo City.
(b) Mangaung.
(c) Durban.
(d) Johannesburg.

15. What subject does Louis Leaky study?
(a) Archeology.
(b) Anthropology.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) Biology.

Short Answer Questions

1. What could the domestic duck do that Lorenz couldn't?

2. What did Goodall begin to collect in Nairobi?

3. Why did Jane's parents send her to live in France?

4. What was Jane's father's job?

5. What was Tanzania called before it became Tanzania?

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