My Life with the Chimpanzees Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Goodall say she first became interested in animals?

Goodall says she lived in an Old Manor house with her grandmother, mother, and sister and out the back was a hen house. One day she was in the hen house when she observed one of the hens laying an egg. The whole incident fascinated her. She remembers pestering her mum about where the egg came from.

2. Why did the villagers think Lorenz was mad?

The villagers thought Lorenz was mad because he used to take ducklings out for walks, but the only way they would follow him was if he made a quacking sound. One day the villagers saw Lorenz walking like a goose and making strange sounds. However, since the grass was so long, they could not see the ducks. Of course, they presumed he was mad.

3. What did Tinbergen find out about seagulls?

Tinbergen found out that seagulls became excited by seeing massive eggs. One day he put a big egg next to a gull nesting area and was surprised to see the gull leave its own egg to sit on the larger one.

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