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Nairobi, Kenya

This is a major city close to Gombe National Park, and it is where the airport is located..

Kigoma, Tanzania

This is the closest town to Gombe National Park.

The Peak

This is the mountain area from which Goodall first spotted her chimpanzees. She often returned here in order to find them.

Gombe National Park

This is the Tanzanian park area where Goodall's chimpanzees live.


Goodall set this up in close proximity to the chimpanzee habitat.


This is the famous English college where Goodall received her Ph.D.

The Chimpanzee

This is Goodall's favorite animal and the object of her life's work.

The Termite Hunt

This is the practice by which chimpanzees would use blades of grass to scoop up certain insects in order to eat them.


Goodall was the first primatologist to discover that chimpanzees made and used these..

Chimpanzee Hunting


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