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Essay Topic 1

What events in Jane's life contributed to her decision to study chimpanzees? Why do you think she chose to study chimpanzees over other animals?

Essay Topic 2

How did World War II affect Jane and her family? What does Jane's being sent to Germany by her mother after the war say about Jane's upbringing?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the influence that Jane's mother, Louis Leavey, and Hugo van Lawick had on Jane's life.

Essay Topic 4

What new discoveries did Jane make about chimps? Why were chimps not properly researched before? Why are Jane's discoveries so important?

Essay Topic 5

How do chimps live together? In what ways are their behaviors similar to those of humans? Can Jane's research into chimp behavior be beneficial for humans and how we live our own lives?

Essay Topic 6

Aside from the animals, what problems did Jane have to cope with in Africa? How...

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