My Life with the Chimpanzees Character Descriptions

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Jane Goodall

This person is a huge animal lover who constantly cares for hurt and mistreated animals. This person works to preserve the animals' communities and habitats while studying them scientifically.

Hugo van Lawick

This person is always in the background, supporting Goodall and her work. Goodall's relationship with this person is one of the few for Goodall.

Louis Leakey

This person was a famous archaeologist and naturalist who spent most of their career in Kenya. This person discovered much about human evolution in Africa.


This person, who spends a lot of their childhood in Tanzania with Goodall, is clearly dear to Goodall.


This person is a constant source of support and encouragement throughout Goodall's life and accompanies her to Africa on several occasions.

Derek Bryceson

This person was a fighter pilot in World War II. Due to injuries, he was paralyzed from the waist down...

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