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Chapter 1

• For as long as she can remember, Jane Goodall was interested in animals.

• One early memory she has is being fascinated by seeing a hen laying an egg.

• Jane grew up to become an ethologist, but she says that when she first started there were few people in her field.

• Her main inspirations were Konrad Lorenz, who studied geese, Karl von Frish, who studied bees, and Nik Tinbergen, who studied seagulls.
• Jane describes one curious fact that Niko Tinbergen found out about seagulls. Seeing that the seagulls were fascinated by large eggs, he laid a huge egg near a gull's nesting place. As soon as she saw it, the gull left her own egg to sit on the larger one.
• Jane started studying chimpanzees in Tanzania in 1960. She says it was a long time before she could get close to the chimps/ However, once she did, she...

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