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Short Answer Questions

1. Yongden only intended to give the pilgrim's legs some rest, but those accompanying the pilgrim faithfully believed what?

2. Who was the first to approach and then pass David-Neel and Yongden on the trail from behind?

3. The Introduction to My Journey to Lhasa provided the background for which of David-Neel's historic treks into remote Asia?

4. As David-Neel and Yongden traveled farther, they were more sure of being taken as pilgrims and stayed with whom instead of in forests?

5. In Chapter III, Yongden and David-Neel continued on toward Lhasa and used what as their story?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did David-Neel note when she and Yongden arrived within the Dainshin province?

2. Where had David-Neel traveled in Tibet prior to her journey into Lhasa?

3. What was it Alexandra David-Neel wrote she craved to do as a young child?

4. What was one concern David-Neel noted near the start of Chapter I that would follow her and Yongden during much of their journey, especially the initial half?

5. It was only a short distance from Aben to Lhakang-ra, and David-Neel and Yongden did not want to be seen at the latter locale, so what did they do?

6. What did David-Neel initially discover when she crossed the pass into Tibet for the first time?

7. How did David-Neel describe the scenery of the Nu Valley?

8. How did David-Neel describe the initial encounter she and Yongden had with others on their trek within Tibet?

9. What did David-Neel immediately describe at the opening of Chapter II?

10. Why was it David-Neel had never previously entertained the thought of going to Lhasa on her earlier treks into Tibet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David-Neel lamented what "fun" she had to pass up several times due to their near proximity to the Tibetan border as they had to proceed quickly and undetected. Elaborate on those things the author wished she could have spent time at.

Essay Topic 2

The author explained in the Introduction how her trip to Lhasa came about due to a number of peculiar circumstances. Examine the various factors that resulted in David-Neel's trek into Tibet. How did each factor in?

Essay Topic 3

Assess what David-Neel witnessed the week that led up to the "Tibetan scapegoat" being sent off. Address what the role of the Lus kong kyi gyalpo was. How was the volunteer selected for the position? How did he exercise his responsibility?

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