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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The palace in Lhasa was full of beautifully decorated rooms, mostly the work of skilled artists from what country?
(a) Nepal.
(b) China.
(c) Tibet.
(d) Bhutan.

2. What did a stranger attempt to bargain for when he saw David-Neel and Yongden's open packs as they ate breakfast one morning?
(a) Her folding knife.
(b) Her two common spoons.
(c) Her small compass.
(d) Her wo tea cups.

3. David-Neel was delighted to be taken as a native, even when a policeman took what action when she tried to enter an area that was off limits to peasants?
(a) He struck her.
(b) He scolded her.
(c) He cited her.
(d) He ejected her.

4. How were the large drums played in the final procession the author described?
(a) Two were tied on either side of an elephant as a man riding beat them.
(b) Two were tied on either side of a camel as a man riding beat them.
(c) One was pulled in a ceremonial cart as a man
(d) One was carried on a man's back as another beat it from behind.

5. In the last village David-Neel and Yongden came upon in Chapter V, how did the villagers respond as they passed through?
(a) They stood there and stared at them out of curiosity.
(b) They begged Yongden to tell fortunes and offer blessings.
(c) They stopped them and offered food, a few offered coins.
(d) They ran to their homes to shut the doors and windows.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what village were David-Neel and Yongden able to replenish their provisions after their encounter with the strange lama?

2. David-Neel briefly related how many Lhasa religious leaders endured persecution by the Tibetan government over which nationality?

3. What physical malady had David-Neel sustained the day after she followed the fence and found shelter?

4. David-Neel and Yongden looked for a place to camp and saw a patch of yellow near their water source that turned out to be what?

5. The armed robbers returned the money and begged David-Neel not to curse them anymore out of fear when Yongden told them she was a what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What trap did David-Neel and Yongden set for their safety against potential robbers in a hut one night?

2. How did David-Neel describe Lhasa?

3. On the day David-Neel and Yongden left the earthen cave and Yongden stumbled on his improvised crutch past dark, how did they make their way into the structures David-Neel came upon by following a fence in the deep snow?

4. Why was it David-Neel went to the rescue of a dog?

5. Why was it a cowman and his wife sought Yongden to perform rites for their dead son?

6. How did David-Neel describe Tibetan beds?

7. As she waited for Yongden outside a monastery, David-Neel took up the offer of a passing woman she met to spend the night at her home and was later particularly impressed for what reason?

8. What did David-Neel note about the maps of Tibet that she carried?

9. What appeal did Yongden make to David-Neel when she reached the candlelit cave after she unsuccessfully sought aid for him?

10. Why did David-Neel describe it as "a happy inspiration" when she chose the start of the year for her stay in Lhasa?

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