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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Introduction to My Journey to Lhasa provided the background for which of David-Neel's historic treks into remote Asia?
(a) Her 4th trek.
(b) Her 6th trek.
(c) Her 5th trek.
(d) Her 3rd trek.

2. Whom did David-Neel identify as having carried a concealed revolver on the journey to Lhasa?
(a) Both herself and Yongden.
(b) Only Yongden.
(c) Only David-Neel.
(d) Neither David-Neel or Yongden.

3. What did David-Neel note regarding the spelling of the Tibetan names in her book?
(a) She spelled them in modern Tibetan.
(b) She spelled them in modern French.
(c) She spelled them phonetically.
(d) She spelled them in Old English.

4. What river did David-Neel and Yongden initially follow on their trek?
(a) The Indus.
(b) The Mekong.
(c) The Ba.
(d) The Arun.

5. What did the wealthy woman traveling by horse and with several servants question David-Neel and Yongden about?
(a) Whether they were Dokpas.
(b) Whether they were Philings.
(c) Whether they were Ladki.
(d) Whether they were Gompchen.

6. Once it drove out the nation that controlled it, the Tibetan government closed their door to whom?
(a) Only Indians except by rare special permission.
(b) All foreigners except those already residing there.
(c) All Westerners except by rare special permission.
(d) All foreigners except by rare special permission.

7. When was it David-Neel initially entered Tibet?
(a) June 1911.
(b) June 1912.
(c) June 1910.
(d) June 1913.

8. Who was the first to approach and then pass David-Neel and Yongden on the trail from behind?
(a) A family in a small yak-drawn cart.
(b) A small party of pilgrims in a wagon.
(c) A small party of pilgrims on horses.
(d) A small party of gypsies in a wagon.

9. Yongden told David-Neel he thought the well-dressed man saw she was a lama and so saluted her, but she began to wonder what?
(a) If he had not recognized her from a previous trip.
(b) If he had not become suspicious after he thought about it.
(c) If he had not recognized her as a Westerner.
(d) If he might not report his suspicions to local authorities.

10. As David-Neel and Yongden traveled farther, they were more sure of being taken as pilgrims and stayed with whom instead of in forests?
(a) Herdsmen.
(b) Farmers.
(c) Villagers.
(d) Landowners.

11. As David-Neel and Yongden ate one morning, a man they recognized approached from what group of individuals that gave them alms earlier?
(a) Tibetan soldiers.
(b) Wealthy landowners.
(c) Religious leaders.
(d) Village chiefs.

12. What was it David-Neel's trip to Lhasa came about as a result of?
(a) "A series of fortunate situations."
(b) "Certain favorable conditions."
(c) "Dangerous but favorable events."
(d) "Certain peculiar circumstances."

13. As David-Neel and Yongden progressed into Tibet, they were stopped by officials who briefly questioned and then detained them when?
(a) Frequently.
(b) Infrequently.
(c) Always.
(d) Never.

14. Following the blizzard, how long did David-Neel and Yongden journey on the commonly used trail before they encountered anyone?
(a) 1 week.
(b) 5 days.
(c) 2 weeks.
(d) 3 days.

15. David-Neel noted she was "a tiny precious child of" what city?
(a) Brussels.
(b) Paris.
(c) Luxembourg.
(d) London.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1910, the Dalai Lama was in exile in what location?

2. That evening, while guests of the man they shared their meal with, David-Neel asked their host where what other individuals lived?

3. What did David-Neel and Yongden eventually hear that alerted them that someone was approaching from behind them?

4. The Dalai Lama was in exile in 1910 for what sort of troubles with a neighboring nation?

5. The Dalai Lama had heard of David-Neel's scholarship in what field before they met?

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