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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the latter half of Chapter VI, David-Neel detailed that she learned that which friend had been forced out of his palace and into exile?
(a) The Karamapa Lama.
(b) The Panchen Lama.
(c) The Tenzin Lama.
(d) The Dalai Lama.

2. David-Neel described a stew prepared from what that she found disgusting but had to eat a bit of to avoid suspicion?
(a) Unskinned fishes.
(b) Scorpions and worms.
(c) Organs of animals.
(d) Venomous snakes.

3. What title did the strange lama who came up to the pair's fire address David-Neel by?
(a) Skyes Dman.
(b) Gtsang.
(c) Jetsunma.
(d) Rlung.

4. While David-Neel an Yongden had heard stories about the Popas all having been robbers and possibly cannibals, how did she describe them as having been?
(a) Friendly and hospitable.
(b) Concerned and vigilant.
(c) Cautious and curious.
(d) Uninterested and unconcerned.

5. David-Neel had a stirring drive to travel and sought out what?
(a) Isolated places to be completely alone.
(b) Far off places that had never previously been explored.
(c) Remote places where she could meet natives of the area.
(d) Distant places to apply her Oriental history expertise.

Short Answer Questions

1. David-Neel and Yongden stayed near the border with what individual from whom they concealed their intent to enter Tibet?

2. David-Neel was delighted to be taken as a native, even when a policeman took what action when she tried to enter an area that was off limits to peasants?

3. Part of David-Neel's hair was still darkened with black ink when she took off her cap at the palace, and she had false black braids made from what animal?

4. The palace in Lhasa was full of beautifully decorated rooms, mostly the work of skilled artists from what country?

5. What did David-Neel study as a young woman?

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