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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Militia members were issued guns inferior to those of the regular Tibetan soldiers who were all from within what area?
(a) Kham.
(b) Lhasa.
(c) Qinghai.
(d) Amdo.

2. Whom did David-Neel identify as having carried a concealed revolver on the journey to Lhasa?
(a) Both herself and Yongden.
(b) Neither David-Neel or Yongden.
(c) Only David-Neel.
(d) Only Yongden.

3. David-Neel and Yongden later met up again with the pilgrims whose member had sore legs, and the pilgrims reported what?
(a) They were feeling better.
(b) They were free of the demon.
(c) They were completely healed.
(d) They were slow to heal.

4. Which agency sent David-Neel on her 1910 expedition?
(a) The Ministry of Culture.
(b) The Ministry of Education.
(c) The Ministry of Defense.
(d) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. How did Yongden respond to David-Neel's admonishment after they left the village for having drawn so much attention with his actions?
(a) He argued.
(b) He balked.
(c) He sulked.
(d) He complained.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1910, what was the neighboring nation that compelled the Dalai Lama's exile?

2. What modern items did David-Neel carry hidden away with her?

3. The farmland was poor around the village David-Neel described in Po, heavily taxed, and anyone who left was pursued and what?

4. What ruse did David-Neel use to conceal her crossing with Yongden at the border into Tibet without her two Chinese servants knowing?

5. The route through the Po region that was not on a map crossed how many mountain passes?

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