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Lesson 1 (from Preface)



Students will read My Journey to Lhasa over the next 30 days. The objective of this lesson is to stimulate interest in studying David-Neel's book.


1) Research Topic: Biographical overview of David-Neel. Focus on her education and treks to Asia prior to the visit to Lhasa. Address how these stimulated her desire to travel there.

2) Class Discussion: When did David-Neel's career span? What sort of work had David-Neel been known for previously? What background or personal history was likely to have influenced her writing? Where had David-Neel conducted research travels in Asia prior to her trek to Lhasa? How old was David-Neel when she made her trek on foot to Lhasa in 1923-1924? What sort of interest do the students anticipate? Was there anything they came across in their research, or in today's lesson, that sparked more interest in them toward studying My Journey to Lhasa...

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