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Essay Topic 1

In the Foreword to My Journey to Lhasa, Tenzin Gyatso, The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, noted that, "Its great merit is that it conveys the authentic flavor of Tibet as [Alexandra David-Neel] found it, described with affectionate humor." Identify and expound on various examples where this technique was employed by the author.

Essay Topic 2

The author explained in the Introduction how her trip to Lhasa came about due to a number of peculiar circumstances. Examine the various factors that resulted in David-Neel's trek into Tibet. How did each factor in?

Essay Topic 3

Early in Chapter I, David-Neel related how a number of hindering difficulties arose that added to each step as the pair approached their journey into Tibet. Examine these problems and how the author responded to them. Was she cautious in the decisions she made in each of these situations?

Essay Topic 4

The pair adopted different...

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