My Journey to Lhasa Character Descriptions

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Alexandra David-Neel

This individual traveled to Lhasa with an adopted son, and the pair pretended to be poor peasant beggars on a religious pilgrimage.

Lama Yongden

This individual was a native Tibetan who traveled freely, negotiated with officials, and drew attention from the parent who had adopted him.

The Penchen Lama

This was the second most revered religious figure in the country and at the time described had been exiled from the central region.

The Dalai Lama

This was the spiritual leader whose traditional palace was a central fixture of the capital city it was built in.


These pilgrims wandered through the country from one religious location to another and usually begged for food and shelter along the way.

The Popas

These people were described as having been cannibals and robbers but for the most part were found to have been hospitable.


These shepherds drove their...

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