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Gerald Durrell
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does winter come to the island of Corfu?

2. What is Kralefsky's special interest?

3. What is the one thing that Roger, Widdle, and Puke find interesting about Dodo?

4. How many guest RSVP to Gerry's birthday party?

5. As a result of the matchbox incident, what happens to Gerry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Gerry's magpies, or magenpies, are from the crow tribe of birds. How do they live up to the crow tribe stereo type in the Durrell family house, especially in Larry's room?

2. Why are the Durrells having a party in Part 3?

3. What does the introduction of Dodo say about Mother's character?

4. Why does Larry go snipe hunting?

5. What event causes the eldest Durrell children for once to agree? What do they agree on?

6. What is Margo's reaction to Peter having to leave the island because they are getting too close?

7. What battle between a gecko and mantis takes place in Gerry's room? What is the outcome?

8. Why did Gerry's trips to the archipelago in the Sea Cow become less frequent?

9. The Belgian consul exterminated emaciated cats as a humane act of kindness. What does Gerry think about this?

10. Kosti warns Gerry about Alecko too late, as Gerry is already stroking his feathers. Alecko does not fuss. What does this say about Gerry's character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One theme throughout the book is that of discovery. Every chapter is filled with numerous natural history finds by Gerry, whether they be in the garden, countryside, or at Theodore's home. From chapter to chapter, each discovery seems more exciting than the next. Explain the series and succession of Gerry's natural history discoveries and how they exemplify the theme of discovery.

Essay Topic 2

The Durrell family children, although siblings, are all very unique in their own ways. Select two of the Durrell children and compare and contrast their characteristics. For example, what affect has Mother's parenting played in their attitudes?

Essay Topic 3

Gerry is very descriptive of seasons, people, events, and places on Corfu. Why do you think he chose such elaborate detail for his book? Do you think this helps the reader get a better picture of what is going on? Do you think the description is distracting to the reader?

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