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Gerald Durrell
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kralefsky's mother think about flowers?

2. Where is the Durrell family planning to move in Part II: Conversation?

3. What uncharacteristic thing does Larry do in Part II: Chapter 12, the Woodcock Winter?

4. Who does Gerry walk to the sea with?

5. What does Mother name her Dandy Dinmont?

Short Essay Questions

1. What intriguing creature did Gerry find in the crumbling wall, and why did this upset Larry?

2. In Part II: Conversation, how does Gerry describe the arrival of spring?

3. Why are the Durrells having a party in Part 3?

4. What does the introduction of Dodo say about Mother's character?

5. Kosti warns Gerry about Alecko too late, as Gerry is already stroking his feathers. Alecko does not fuss. What does this say about Gerry's character?

6. What event causes the eldest Durrell children for once to agree? What do they agree on?

7. Gerry's magpies, or magenpies, are from the crow tribe of birds. How do they live up to the crow tribe stereo type in the Durrell family house, especially in Larry's room?

8. What is the final event, revisited oppositely, that Spiro helps the family with?

9. How did Mr. Kralefsky's tall tales of saving ladies from danger get him two broken ribs?

10. Why did Gerry's trips to the archipelago in the Sea Cow become less frequent?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Spiro had a belligerent side and a loveable one too. The taxi drivers and customs officials felt his wrath, while the Durrell family only received his love and kindness. Compare and contrast these too very different sides of Spiro.

Essay Topic 2

In Part II: Chapter 7, The Daffodil-Yellow Villa, Gerry watches two couples of swallows building nests and feeding their young. Compare and contrast the swallow's fathering behaviors to that of a human father.

Essay Topic 3

Gerry is very descriptive of seasons, people, events, and places on Corfu. Why do you think he chose such elaborate detail for his book? Do you think this helps the reader get a better picture of what is going on? Do you think the description is distracting to the reader?

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