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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event gets Margo out of the attic?
(a) Gerry pleading with her.
(b) Mother's delicious meals.
(c) Peter returning for her.
(d) Leslie's burglar trap going off.

2. What uncharacteristic thing does Larry do in Part II: Chapter 12, the Woodcock Winter?
(a) Go hunting.
(b) Go on a diet.
(c) Take dancing lessons.
(d) Help Mother in the kitchen.

3. What is the name given to Gerry's boat?
(a) The Sea Calf.
(b) The Bootle-Bumtrinket.
(c) The Bootle.
(d) The Bumtrinket.

4. Aside from the sirocco, what impedes Margo's return from the island where she seeks solitude?
(a) The Sea Cow.
(b) The dogs barking.
(c) Her puffy sunburned eyelids.
(d) Peter.

5. What does Gerry name the gecko that takes up residence in his bedroom?
(a) Dodo.
(b) Piddle.
(c) Geronimo.
(d) Ulysess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Gerry's tutor in the beginning of Part III: Chapter 14, The Talking Flowers?

2. Where does Geronimo live?

3. What languages do the magenpies learn to speak?

4. Under the loose plaster of the crumbing wall, what does Gerry find?

5. At the end of Part II: Conversation, what proverb does Margo share about change?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part II: Conversation, how does Gerry describe the arrival of spring?

2. What battle between a gecko and mantis takes place in Gerry's room? What is the outcome?

3. Kosti warns Gerry about Alecko too late, as Gerry is already stroking his feathers. Alecko does not fuss. What does this say about Gerry's character?

4. Gerry's magpies, or magenpies, are from the crow tribe of birds. How do they live up to the crow tribe stereo type in the Durrell family house, especially in Larry's room?

5. How are Dodo and Margo alike?

6. How did Gerry apply psychology to get his family on board with the idea of him getting a boat for his birthday?

7. What intriguing creature did Gerry find in the crumbling wall, and why did this upset Larry?

8. What does the introduction of Dodo say about Mother's character?

9. What is the final event, revisited oppositely, that Spiro helps the family with?

10. Why does Larry go snipe hunting?

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