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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about the tortoises does Gerry find very interesting?
(a) Their leathered skin.
(b) Their mating ritual.
(c) Their shells.
(d) Their food choices.

2. According to Gerry, to whom or what does Tortoise Hill belong?
(a) Gerry, because he names it Tortoise Hill.
(b) Madame Cyclops.
(c) The tortoises.
(d) The island of Corfu.

3. Who names Gerry's pigeon?
(a) Quasimodo.
(b) Mother.
(c) Margo.
(d) Larry.

4. Who does Larry decide to attack about England's climate and the family's illnesses?
(a) Leslie.
(b) God.
(c) Margo.
(d) Mother.

5. What is the first item the Rose-Beetle Man sells Gerry?
(a) A magpie.
(b) A tortoise.
(c) A pigeon.
(d) A flute.

Short Answer Questions

1. After their swim in Chapter 5, where do Gerry and Roger go for a snack?

2. Who is the most weird and fascinating character Gerry meets on his explorations?

3. What kind of people does Mother not like?

4. What does spring mean for Leslie?

5. What special day is it when Spiro drives Gerry, Mother, and Margo to town to buy furniture?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mr. Kralefsky's mother believes flowers can talk and have personality. How does Gerry respond to this idea?

2. What battle between a gecko and mantis takes place in Gerry's room? What is the outcome?

3. Why does Larry go snipe hunting?

4. How did Larry attempt to help his family regain their pose, after it was shattered by Roger and the pack of dogs?

5. How does Gerry describe the weather in England during August?

6. Why was Gerry initially suspicious when his family told him his new tutor, Mr. Kralefsky, was interested in birds?

7. How are the trapdoor spiders and Dr. Theodore Stephanides two significant finds for Gerry?

8. What is Margo's reaction to Peter having to leave the island because they are getting too close?

9. The Belgian consul exterminated emaciated cats as a humane act of kindness. What does Gerry think about this?

10. Why was Yani one of the people Gerry liked best?

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