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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Yani tell Gerry the scorpion is drowned in olive oil?
(a) The oil preserves the body.
(b) Scorpion oil cures acne.
(c) It is an old Greek superstition to ward off scorpions from your home.
(d) If stung by a scorpion, rub the oil on the spot and there will be hardly any discomfort.

2. Where does the Durrell family stay their first night on Corfu?
(a) Pension Suisse.
(b) The strawberry-pink villa.
(c) Spiro's home.
(d) La Masion.

3. What does Roger do during Gerry's lessons?
(a) Chases butterflies.
(b) Sleeps under the table.
(c) Roams the countryside.
(d) Dances in the drawing room.

4. Why does Gerry's mother insist he explain she is a widow?
(a) She wants men to know she is available.
(b) She does not want people to think ill of her.
(c) She wants the reader's sympathy.
(d) She wants her story told accurately.

5. What illness does Leslie suffer from in the English weather?
(a) Catarrh.
(b) Whooping cough.
(c) None.
(d) Bleeding ears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What illness does Margo suffer from in the English weather?

2. In the beginning of Part I: Chapter 4, what does Gerry's Mother decide for him?

3. In the beginning of Part I: Chapter 3, in the morning at the Strawberry-Pink Villa, where is the family eating breakfast?

4. How is the August weather in England described?

5. Where does Spiro live, and learn English, while in America?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Durrell family breakfast play out?

2. Why was it important to Gerry's mother that he mention she was a widow?

3. Why was Thursday tea with Theodore an appointment Gerry would not have missed for anything?

4. Why is Mother concerned about Larry's friends being highbrow?

5. How did spring affect Mother, when left undisturbed by Larry? What affect did this have on Larry?

6. Gerry ponders what insect movements, on top of the trapdoor, must sound like to a trapdoor spider. What were some of his ideas?

7. What bonding event do Gerry and Leslie share? Why do you think this is appealing to Gerry?

8. How does it come about that George becomes Gerry's tutor?

9. How does Gerry describe the weather in England during August?

10. How did Spiro act as the Durrell family's caretaker?

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