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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What riveting news does Mother receive in a letter from Great Aunt Hermione?
(a) That she wants to come and stay.
(b) That Aunt Mabel moved to Sussex.
(c) Henry broke his leg.
(d) Henry passed away.

2. What illuminates the family's nighttime picnic at the bay?
(a) Fireflies and lanterns.
(b) Lanterns and a fire.
(c) Phosphorus and cigarettes.
(d) Fireflies and phosphorus.

3. What languages do the magenpies learn to speak?
(a) French and Greek.
(b) Greek and English.
(c) English and Spanish.
(d) French and English.

4. What does Kralefsky's mother think about flowers?
(a) They are wonderful to work with.
(b) That they can talk.
(c) They smell beautiful.
(d) That birds prefer daisies.

5. What does Mother name her Dandy Dinmont?
(a) Dodo.
(b) Dinmont.
(c) Dandy.
(d) Achilles.

6. When Spiro brings the mail, what does the bulk of Margo's mail consist of?
(a) Fashion magazines.
(b) Dieting magazines.
(c) Gun catalogues.
(d) Romance novels.

7. How does Kralefsky end up with two broken ribs?
(a) Fighting with a bull-terrier.
(b) Carrying an overweight lady and then slipping on a wet stone.
(c) Falling down stairs.
(d) Wrestling with Gerry.

8. Where does Spiro obtain Gerry's goldfish?
(a) The pet store.
(b) The bay.
(c) The palace of the Greek King.
(d) The palace of Spirodian.

9. When returning to the villa with his horn blaring, what does Spiro have with him for the party?
(a) Three cooked turkeys.
(b) The Greek King.
(c) The doctor for Kralefsky.
(d) Larry's manuscript from the publisher.

10. What does the crumbling wall that surrounded the sunken garden provide Gerry?
(a) A rich hunting ground.
(b) Something to spackle.
(c) An imaginary world of make-believe.
(d) A great view of the Tortoise Hills.

11. What does Kralefsky consider to be "the ticket"?
(a) Women.
(b) Natural history.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Birds.

12. What event occurs at the end of Part II: Chapter 12, the Woodcock Winter that causes the family great distress?
(a) Gerry's scorpion's babies get out of the matchboxes.
(b) A fire in the house.
(c) The magenpies get out.
(d) Leslie's burglar alarm.

13. The toads that Gerry finds are the size of:
(a) An average size saucer.
(b) A small tortoise.
(c) A large plate.
(d) A teacup.

14. Under the loose plaster of the crumbing wall, what does Gerry find?
(a) Earwigs.
(b) A black scorpion.
(c) A white scorpion.
(d) A black beetle.

15. What are the Chessboard Fields named after?
(a) Mr. Chessboard, a Englishman who once lived on Corfu.
(b) Fields sprawling with small square crops.
(c) Fields sprawling with flowers in a chessboard pattern.
(d) A field where the peasants play chess every Sunday.

Short Answer Questions

1. While squirrel hunting, what does Gerry find instead?

2. What is the one thing that Roger, Widdle, and Puke find interesting about Dodo?

3. What does Larry find in the matchbox when he wants to light his cigarette?

4. When Gerry reaches the nest at the top of the olive tree, what do his dogs below look like?

5. Instead of catching Old Plop, what does Gerry catch?

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