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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many species of cyclops are found on Corfu?
(a) Two.
(b) Several.
(c) Twenty.
(d) One.

2. How do Gerry and George win points in their game in the bay?
(a) By discovering the most sea fauna.
(b) By applying mathematic applications to the sea fauna.
(c) By finding the most sea-slugs.
(d) By squirting the sea-slug the farthest.

3. In the beginning of Part I: Chapter 4, what does Gerry's Mother decide for him?
(a) It is time for him to study literature.
(b) It is time for him to have some sort of education.
(c) It is time for him to join the Merchant Navy.
(d) It is time for him to take dancing lessons.

4. What about the tortoises does Gerry find very interesting?
(a) Their food choices.
(b) Their mating ritual.
(c) Their shells.
(d) Their leathered skin.

5. What does Margo's Turkish suitor think he can do superbly?
(a) Dance, fence, and type.
(b) Write, swim, and ride.
(c) Swim, ride, and sail.
(d) Cook, sail, and write.

6. What does Gerry think about Theodore's library?
(a) It is thoroughly well-balanced.
(b) The Darwin books are dusty.
(c) It does not have enough Sherlock Holmes.
(d) It is full of natural history books.

7. Who does Gerry find at George's home when he goes to ask him about the trapdoor?
(a) Doctor Theodore Stephanides.
(b) Spiro.
(c) Agathi.
(d) Taki.

8. How does Gerry describe his mother at the beginning of Part I: Chapter 1, The Unsuspected Isle?
(a) "Like a prim and proper English woman, dressed for tea."
(b) "Like a Greek godess, trailing muslin and scent."
(c) "Like a tiny, harassed missionary in an uprising."
(d) "Like a weary traveler, no worse for the wear."

9. In the beginning of Part I: Chapter 3, in the morning at the Strawberry-Pink Villa, where is the family eating breakfast?
(a) In the garden beside the fragrant strawberry plants.
(b) In the kitchen underneath the Tiffany chandelier.
(c) In the garden underneath the small tangerine trees.
(d) In the back yard beside the pools of water lilies.

10. What is the villa called that Spiro shows the family in Part I: Chapter 1, The Unsuspected Isle?
(a) Daffodil-yellow Villa.
(b) Tortoise-green Villa.
(c) Rose-beetle Villa.
(d) Strawberry-pink Villa.

11. Where is the Island of Corfu located?
(a) Vido.
(b) England.
(c) Val de Ropa.
(d) Greece.

12. What does Gerald's secretary, Sophie, eradicate from his book?
(a) Misspellings.
(b) Dreadful puns.
(c) Commas.
(d) Split infinitives.

13. What is Gerry's most exciting discovery?
(a) An earwig's nest.
(b) Rose beetles.
(c) Mantis.
(d) Crab spiders.

14. How is the August weather in England described?
(a) A biting wind and cold temperatures.
(b) A stinging drizzle and freezing temperatures.
(c) A biting wind and stinging drizzle.
(d) Sunny skies and gentle breezes.

15. Larry becomes overweight in the spring. Which of the following is one of Margo's suggested diets?
(a) Brown bread and olives.
(b) Orange juice and salad.
(c) Atkins.
(d) Milk and cooked vegetables.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Spiro live, and learn English, while in America?

2. When Spring came, Larry purchases a guitar and a large barrel of strong red wine. What kind of songs does he play?

3. What does Theodore offer to show Gerry at tea on Thursday?

4. Who supplies Gerald with several "dreadful puns" in the book?

5. Why does Gerry's mother insist he explain she is a widow?

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