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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Theodore tell Gerry made the trapdoors?
(a) The earwig spider.
(b) The trapdoor spider.
(c) The trapdoor earwig.
(d) The common earwig.

2. One day Mother and Gerry buy the Rose-Beetle Man's entire stock of rose-beetles, what do they do with them?
(a) Tie them to the lamps in the house.
(b) Tie them to their hats.
(c) Feed them to the frogs.
(d) Release them into the garden.

3. What does Gerry think about Theodore's library?
(a) It is full of natural history books.
(b) The Darwin books are dusty.
(c) It is thoroughly well-balanced.
(d) It does not have enough Sherlock Holmes.

4. What does Gerald say living on Corfu is like?
(a) Like living in one of the more flamboyant and slapstick comic operas.
(b) Like living with the three stooges.
(c) Like living in a dream.
(d) Like living in the Garden of Eden.

5. What is wrong with every villa Mr. Beeler shows the Durrells?
(a) They are not close enough to the sea.
(b) They are infested with crickets.
(c) Not one has a balcony.
(d) Not one has a bathroom.

6. Gerry brings four books on natural history, a butterfly net, a dog, and ______ to Corfu.
(a) A jam jar full of caterpillars
(b) Two magpies
(c) A microscope
(d) A pelican

7. What is Larry's suggestion when Mother tells him they cannot fit the number of guests he has invited in their house?
(a) Build a cottage on their property.
(b) Move to a bigger villa.
(c) Send Margo, Leslie, and Gerry away for the summer.
(d) Add on a guest room to the villa.

8. What makes Gerald's wife laugh when reading his manuscript?
(a) The magenpies.
(b) The "dreadful puns."
(c) His spelling.
(d) His family.

9. While still on the boat, approaching Corfu, what does Gerry hear?
(a) Church bells.
(b) Cicadas.
(c) Gulls.
(d) The ships engines.

10. How is the August weather in England described?
(a) Sunny skies and gentle breezes.
(b) A stinging drizzle and freezing temperatures.
(c) A biting wind and stinging drizzle.
(d) A biting wind and cold temperatures.

11. How do Gerry and George win points in their game in the bay?
(a) By finding the most sea-slugs.
(b) By applying mathematic applications to the sea fauna.
(c) By squirting the sea-slug the farthest.
(d) By discovering the most sea fauna.

12. In the beginning of Part I: Chapter 3, in the morning at the Strawberry-Pink Villa, where is the family eating breakfast?
(a) In the kitchen underneath the Tiffany chandelier.
(b) In the back yard beside the pools of water lilies.
(c) In the garden beside the fragrant strawberry plants.
(d) In the garden underneath the small tangerine trees.

13. How many years does Spiro spend in America?
(a) Eight.
(b) Five.
(c) Two.
(d) Ten.

14. After their swim in Chapter 5, where do Gerry and Roger go for a snack?
(a) Yani's house.
(b) Leonora's house.
(c) Spiro's Diner.
(d) Home.

15. Instead to taking his goats to Gastouri, what does Yani do?
(a) Eats figs all day.
(b) Goes fishing.
(c) Tastes Taki's white wine.
(d) Tastes Taki's red wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the family dog?

2. What do Gerry and George use as water-pistols in the bay?

3. What is the tale of the cypress trees?

4. What illness does Margo suffer from in the English weather?

5. Who is the most weird and fascinating character Gerry meets on his explorations?

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