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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roger do during Gerry's lessons?
(a) Dances in the drawing room.
(b) Sleeps under the table.
(c) Chases butterflies.
(d) Roams the countryside.

2. Who lives at the cottage?
(a) A elderly gardener and his wife.
(b) Leslie moves into the cottage.
(c) No one, it is for Larry's guests.
(d) Lots of insect life for Gerry to explore.

3. What kind of transportation do the Durrell's use to get to town?
(a) Spiro picked them up in his Suburban.
(b) Two taxi cabs.
(c) Two horse-drawn cabs.
(d) One stretch limo.

4. Who is the most weird and fascinating character Gerry meets on his explorations?
(a) George.
(b) Theodore.
(c) Yani.
(d) The Rose-Beetle Man.

5. After their swim in Chapter 5, where do Gerry and Roger go for a snack?
(a) Leonora's house.
(b) Spiro's Diner.
(c) Home.
(d) Yani's house.

6. When Larry goes to light a cigarette, what flies out of the box?
(a) A grashopper.
(b) A fire-fly.
(c) A mantis.
(d) A bumble-bee.

7. What is the original intent of Gerald Durrell for this book?
(a) Account of the birds on the island of Corfu.
(b) Account of the interesting people on the island of Corfu.
(c) Account of the natural history on the island of Corfu.
(d) Account of his family.

8. What kind of books are on Mother's bedside table?
(a) Mysteries, cooking, and poetry books.
(b) Cooking, gardening, and natural history books.
(c) Poetry, natural history, and dieting books.
(d) Cooking, gardening, and mystery books.

9. What is the name of Gerry's tortoise?
(a) Margo.
(b) Agathi.
(c) Achilles.
(d) Yani.

10. Why can Gerry hear the Rose-Beetle Man before he sees him?
(a) The rose-beetles are singing.
(b) The Rose-Beetle Man is singing.
(c) He can hear his car in the distance.
(d) He plays a sheperd's pipe.

11. What does George do while waiting for Gerry to solve a math problem?
(a) Sits silently and waits patiently.
(b) Practices dancing and fencing moves.
(c) Hums the tune to Jeopardy.
(d) Taps his pencil on the table.

12. What is wrong with the furniture in the villa?
(a) The family does not like the color scheme.
(b) It is uncomfortable.
(c) It is Victorian, the wrong style.
(d) It is twenty years old and falling apart.

13. Where does the Durrell family stay their first night on Corfu?
(a) Pension Suisse.
(b) Spiro's home.
(c) La Masion.
(d) The strawberry-pink villa.

14. In the beginning of Part I: Conversation, what does Larry do that upsets Mother?
(a) Invites all his friends to visit and sleep on the veranda.
(b) Invites all his friends to visit and stay at Pension Suisse.
(c) Invites all his friends to come and stay with them on the island.
(d) Tells Leslie, Margo, Gerry, and Mother they will have to sleep outside while his friends are here.

15. Where does Gerry settle into and spend his days at the villa?
(a) In the garden.
(b) In the bay.
(c) In the olive groves.
(d) In the grape vines.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Larry decide to attack about England's climate and the family's illnesses?

2. Larry becomes overweight in the spring. Which of the following is one of Margo's suggested diets?

3. What are in the two cases the customs officials are holding of the Durrells?

4. What does Theodore offer to show Gerry at tea on Thursday?

5. What illness does Leslie suffer from in the English weather?

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