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Gerald Durrell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Chapter 7, The Daffodil-Yellow Villa.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with every villa Mr. Beeler shows the Durrells?
(a) They are infested with crickets.
(b) Not one has a bathroom.
(c) Not one has a balcony.
(d) They are not close enough to the sea.

2. What does Roger do with the pebbles Gerry found in the sand?
(a) Barks at them.
(b) Drops them back into the water.
(c) Buries them in the sand.
(d) Eats them.

3. Gerry brings four books on natural history, a butterfly net, a dog, and ______ to Corfu.
(a) Two magpies
(b) A microscope
(c) A pelican
(d) A jam jar full of caterpillars

4. How does George introduce Theodore to Gerry?
(a) As a countryside expert on trapdoor spiders.
(b) As a conservative doctor of medicine.
(c) As an eccentric nature-lover.
(d) As an excellent fencer and dancer.

5. What does Spiro not like about the man that Margo goes swimming with?
(a) He is a Turk.
(b) He does not have a job.
(c) He is a prisoner.
(d) He cuts peoples throats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What illness does Larry suffer from in the English weather?

2. How many years does Spiro spend in America?

3. How is Spiro known by the people on the island?

4. When Spring came, Larry purchases a guitar and a large barrel of strong red wine. What kind of songs does he play?

5. What wakes Yani up from his siesta in Chapter 5?

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