Objects & Places from My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell
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This is the place the Durrell family lives at the beginning of the book.


This is the Greek island the Durrell family moves to in order to escape the ills set in by their current location's climate.

The Strawberry-Pink Villa

This is the first home of the Durrell's where the narrator finds an earwig nest.

The Daffodil-Yellow Villa

This is the place the Durrell's move to in order to accommodate their invited guests.

The Snow-White Villa

This place is the Durrell's final home, where the narrator gets to know the mantids.

Mr. Kralefsky's Home

This place has a huge room and balcony dedicated to a variety of birds.

Lake Antionissa

This is the place where Mrs. Durrell takes her inaugural swim.

The Archipelago

This is a collection of small islands.

The Bottle-Bumtrinket

This is the name of Gerry's boat.

The Pension Suisse

This is the name...

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