Daily Lessons for Teaching My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell
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Lesson 1 (from The Speech for the Defense)


The Speech for the Defense

Gerald attempts to explain why the book is mainly about his family even though that was not his original intention. The objective of this lesson is to realize how family can consume our lives in order to understand how Gerry's consumed his at times.


1) Class Discussion:

What was Gerald Durrell's original intent for his book? Why did it change? Is there anything he could have done to keep his original ideas intact? How does Gerald feel about his family members? Does he like them? Resent them?

2) Small Group Activity:

Gerald's book is directly impacted by his family more than he originally intended. How does he feel about that? Often, throughout the book Gerry's destiny is argued amongst the Durrell family. Does he have any input into his education? Why or why not? What does he think about that? Divide the...

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