My Family and Other Animals Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gerald Durrell
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The Speech for the Defense

• Gerald (Gerry) introduces the story as a five-year sojourn made by himself and his family to the Greek island of Corfu.

• While in Corfu the family is young. Larry is twenty-three, Leslie nineteen, Margo eighteen, and Gerry ten.

• Gerry is not sure of his mother's age, as she cannot remember her date of birth.

• At his mother's prompting, Gerry explains that she is a widow.
• Gerry gives special thanks to his family and friends for their contributions to his book.

• Gerry gives a special tribute to his mother, to whom he dedicates this book.

• Gerry sends his mother crates of animals, including two pelicans, one of whom gives his mother a bit of trouble.

• Gerry inserts a special note that all anecdotes about the island and islanders are true, as anything can happen on Corfu.

Part I: Prologue, The Migration

• August in England...

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