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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Maggie speak to Dennis at in Chapter 13?
(a) Locker room.
(b) Diner.
(c) Cafeteria.
(d) Maggie's house.

2. What does Maggie worry that Dennis will do?
(a) Not go to the prom at all.
(b) Talk to her mother about Liz.
(c) Go to the prom with a date.
(d) Become angry with her for insulting him.

3. How long does it take for Liz to get her abortion?
(a) 20 minutes.
(b) 1 hour.
(c) 45 minutes.
(d) 2 hours.

4. What is Liz's mood initially as she leaves the clinic?
(a) Solemn.
(b) Melancholy.
(c) Grateful.
(d) Cheerful.

5. When do Liz and Maggie meet in Chapter 13?
(a) During gym.
(b) Lunch.
(c) During 5th period.
(d) After school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion does Dennis feel when he finds out he is not going to prom?

2. Who is the note from in Chapter 13?

3. Who are the notes in Chapter 10 written by?

4. Which of the following does Maggie want to buy?

5. What does Denis notice about Maggie in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the way Liz behaves toward Sean in Chapter 11.

2. Why does Sean decide that he does not want to marry Liz?

3. Why does Sean assume that his father intercepted Liz's letter to him?

4. Why do you think Maggie and Liz have planned an urgent meeting?

5. Describe the tone of the note at the end of Chapter 12 from Liz to Maggie. In what tone might the reader find the note?

6. Why does Maggie go to the clinic with Rod and Liz?

7. Describe the way Liz reacts to Sean's rejection of marriage. Why does she behave this way?

8. How does Liz feel about getting married?

9. What does Maggie need from Liz?

10. How is Liz an ill-fated character?

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