Objects & Places from My Darling, My Hamburger

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School Auditorium

This is the first location noted in the novel.

Marine Park Beach

This is the location were a couple goes on their second date.

The Madonna Statue

This is given to a character as a symbol of religion.

Astrology Magazines

This is the kept in a stack in a character's bedroom.

The Movie Theatre

This is the location of a couple's first date.

The Red Pub Inn

This location is a bar where characters hitch a ride.

Winter Starlight Dance

This is the location where one character is witnessed as being too rough with another.

J. LaSalle, M.D.'s Office

This is the location where an abortion is preformed.

The Teen Shoppe

This is the location where two characters shop for prom dresses.

Three Hundred Dollars

This is given to one character by another to support an abortion.

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