My Darling, My Hamburger Character Descriptions

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Maggie Tobin - This character is chubby, clumsy, and awkward.

Liz Carstensen - This character has a dominant personality and makes personal decisions that have a dramatic impact on the story.

Sean Collins - This character is financially secure with self-absorbed parents who do not pay attention to him.

Dennis Holowitz - This character is unlikely friends with another character and comes from a working class family of Polish descent.

Pierre Jefferson - This character is the senior class president.

Miss Fanuzzi - This character is a high school biology teacher.

Mr. Zamborsky - This character is an advisor to the senior class.

Mrs. Palladino - This character is a mother who has remarried.

Mr. Palladino - This character is a restrictive and severe stepfather.

Mrs. Tobin - This character is a mother who belies her simple philosophy of life that women should marry men who love...

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