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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Maggie and Liz are friends in high school, and are both seniors.

• The senior class heads to the auditorium for an assembly about senior activities.

• Maggie doe not think that anybody will ask her to the prom that is approaching.

• Liz says that her boyfriend, Sean, has a friend, Dennis, who might ask Maggie to the prom.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• Dennis and Maggie go on a double date with Sean and Liz to the movies.

• Dennis wonders if he should put his arm around Maggie.

• Liz continues to berate Maggie, especially about her homemade dress.

• Maggie writes a note to Liz in which she asserts that Dennis does not like her.

Part 1, Chapter 3

• Sean often contemplates suicide and finds the human race to be pathetic.

• Sean and Liz go on their first date to the park beach for a picnic, and Sean believes that his reason for...

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