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Chapters 1 - 5

• Philip talks about his life as a child, growing up with his older cousin Ambrose as a guardian.

• Philip had no female influences in his life because Ambrose was mistrustful of women.

• He wonders if being like Ambrose caused the disaster that happened with Rachel.

• Philip remembers talking to Ambrose before he left for Italy and that it seemed like Ambrose knew he would die.

• Philip later received a letter from Ambrose saying he had met a woman named Rachel.

• Rachel was a distant cousin of Ambrose and Philip.

• Nick Kendall, Philip’s godfather, remembered the family as being irresponsible with money.

• Another letter from Ambrose announced that he and Rachel had married.

• Philip worried that having a woman in the house would change everything.

• Still another letter said that Ambrose would not be coming home in the summer because Rachel had some business to take...

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