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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sam want to do instead of return to school?
(a) Become a surveyor
(b) Buy a farm
(c) Get married
(d) Go to war

2. Who is the cousin that Tim meets?
(a) Elijah
(b) Ebenezer
(c) Ezrah
(d) Ezekiel

3. Mr. Meeker tells Tim that children caught up in the war could be killed or ______________________.
(a) Forced to fight
(b) Put in prisoner of war camps
(c) Shipped off on prison ships
(d) Maimed

4. What would make the trip easier for Mr. Meeker and Tim?
(a) A lighter load
(b) More oxen
(c) Escorts
(d) A covered wagon

5. When Mr. Meeker does not give up the gun, what does the soldier do?
(a) Cuts off his thumbs
(b) Shoots him
(c) Stabs him
(d) Cuts his face with a sword

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tim hear as he is chopping wood?

2. Who is Tim supposed to deliver a message to?

3. What does Mrs. Meeker often tell Betsy?

4. What does the person in #68 think Tim is carrying?

5. Where do the Meekers' cousins, the Platts, live?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the arguments and sides that people are taking regarding England?

2. Explain Tim's mixed feelings about the trip to Verplancks Point.

3. How is Tim showing more maturity than Sam at this point in the story?

4. How does the author show the reality of war for Tim and Father in Chapter 7?

5. Explain the uncertainty of war experienced by the people in Redding.

6. What is the religious split in Redding?

7. What is so mysterious about Mr. Heron?

8. Explain Tim's internal conflicts about Sam's disobedience.

9. What are two situations that foreshadow upcoming events?

10. How does the author characterize Sam?

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