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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tim begin to resent?
(a) Being a Loyalist
(b) Not being able to travel
(c) Not going to war
(d) Working at the tavern

2. What advice does Sam give Mrs. Meeker and Tim?
(a) Send Tim to Yale
(b) Slaughter the cattle and hide the meat
(c) Move to a state further west
(d) Sell the tavern

3. What does Tim think has happened to his father?
(a) He has taken a shortcut
(b) He has fallen off his horse and is lost
(c) He has been disoriented in the snow
(d) The cow-boys have ambushed him

4. Who is Tim sent to bring back to the tavern?
(a) Mr. Burr
(b) Sam
(c) Mr. Beach
(d) Dr. Hobart

5. What does Tim take with him to try to rescue Sam?
(a) A knife
(b) Soldiers
(c) A bayonet
(d) A rifle

6. Who later arrives at the tavern to discuss the war?
(a) Continental soldiers
(b) Indian scouts
(c) Spies
(d) British soldiers

7. Who is the General Sam serves under?
(a) General Billington
(b) General Hall
(c) General Putnam
(d) General Greene

8. What happens on December 3, 1778?
(a) The war is over
(b) Mrs. Meeker dies
(c) Sam returns to Redding
(d) Sam and Betsy get married

9. Which of the following does not describe Tim as he waits for his father at the wagon?
(a) He checks behind him to look for the cow-boys
(b) He looks for places to hide
(c) He does not like being alone
(d) He whistles

10. Who runs the tavern now that Mr. Meeker is gone?
(a) Sam
(b) Mr. Beach
(c) Tom Warrups
(d) Tim and Mrs. Meeker

11. Who does Tim go to for help for Sam?
(a) General Parsons
(b) General Greene
(c) General Putnam
(d) General Arnold

12. How does Tim feel after Sam leaves?
(a) Outraged
(b) Disappointed
(c) Angry
(d) Pleased

13. What do Mrs. Meeker and Tim do after all the people have left the tavern?
(a) Pack their clothes
(b) Bolt the door
(c) Hide
(d) Pray

14. How did General Putnam react to Mrs. Meeker's story about the cattle?
(a) He will release Sam immediately
(b) He was sorry to have created a problem for her
(c) He will make the case his priority
(d) He did not care about it

15. Why does Sam appear to be in trouble that cannot be mitigated?
(a) He gave food to the British
(b) He deserted his post
(c) He was a spy
(d) He sold guns to the enemy

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is hanged before Sam is killed?

2. How many years after Sam's death does the war end?

3. Who arrives in Redding on April 26, 1777?

4. Why does Mr. Meeker ride ahead on the trip back home?

5. What does Tim do when Mr. Meeker has been gone too long?

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