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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is one of the people taken away by the British soldiers?
(a) Tom
(b) Tim
(c) Sam
(d) Jerry

2. What does Mrs. Meeker shove at Captain Betts for trying to involve Tim in the war?
(a) A chair
(b) A rifle
(c) A poker
(d) A skillet

3. Who arrives in Redding on April 26, 1777?
(a) Sam
(b) Mr. Burr
(c) Mr. Meeker
(d) The British soldiers

4. As Tim approaches the stockade, he __________________ and throws the bayonet over the wall.
(a) Runs as fast as he can
(b) Calls out Sam's name
(c) Screams at the top of his lungs
(d) Slips stealthily closer

5. What is the name of the real life 17-year-old soldier who was killed?
(a) John Smith
(b) Benedict Arnold
(c) Patrick Henry
(d) Nathaniel Greene

6. What do Mrs. Meeker and Tim do after all the people have left the tavern?
(a) Hide
(b) Pack their clothes
(c) Pray
(d) Bolt the door

7. What does Mrs. Meeker talk to Colonel Read about?
(a) Tim
(b) Mr. Meeker
(c) Sam
(d) The tavern

8. According to Tim, Sam gets all the _________ while Tim gets all the work.
(a) Travel
(b) Money
(c) Adventure
(d) Glory

9. Where is Mr. Meeker buried?
(a) Long Island Sound
(b) New York
(c) New Hampshire
(d) Maine

10. Which of the following does not describe Tim as he waits for his father at the wagon?
(a) He does not like being alone
(b) He looks for places to hide
(c) He whistles
(d) He checks behind him to look for the cow-boys

11. What other factor is not in Sam's favor?
(a) He went A.W.O.L. before
(b) He has a reputation for fighting
(c) He comes from a Tory family
(d) He hit an officer

12. Who is Tim sent to bring back to the tavern?
(a) Dr. Hobart
(b) Mr. Beach
(c) Mr. Burr
(d) Sam

13. Why does Tim go to Sam's execution?
(a) He plans to rescue him
(b) He knows Sam would want someone there
(c) He needs to see it to believe it
(d) He hopes for an appeal

14. Who is the General Sam serves under?
(a) General Greene
(b) General Hall
(c) General Billington
(d) General Putnam

15. What does Tim realize now that his father is gone?
(a) He needs a gun
(b) He misses their talks
(c) He is the man of the house
(d) He needs his guidance

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sam appear to be in trouble that cannot be mitigated?

2. Why is Tim rude to General Parsons when he visits him again?

3. What does Tim think about Sam's being taken away as a cattle thief?

4. Who is the only person who can change Sam's verdict?

5. Who tries to come up with some escape plans for Sam?

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