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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives in Redding on April 26, 1777?
(a) The British soldiers
(b) Mr. Meeker
(c) Mr. Burr
(d) Sam

2. Who is the General Sam serves under?
(a) General Putnam
(b) General Greene
(c) General Hall
(d) General Billington

3. Why is it good that Tim's wound is superficial?
(a) Dr. Hobart can't come to the tavern tonight
(b) His mother would not survive if he were wounded
(c) No one can prove he was at the stockade
(d) Penicillin had not been invented yet

4. Who accompanies Tim to Sam's execution?
(a) Mr. Beach
(b) Betsy
(c) No one
(d) Mrs. Meeker

5. The Meeker family learns that General Putnam ______________________.
(a) Has been killed
(b) Has refused clemency
(c) Has granted clemency
(d) Has left the encampment

6. Who does Tim find in the church where many of the soldiers are staying?
(a) Mr. Beach
(b) Sam
(c) Becky
(d) Mr. Meeker

7. What does Captain Betts order Tim to do?
(a) Ring the church bells
(b) Water the horses
(c) Pour some beer
(d) Boil some water

8. What other factor is not in Sam's favor?
(a) He comes from a Tory family
(b) He went A.W.O.L. before
(c) He has a reputation for fighting
(d) He hit an officer

9. Where is Tim hit with a musket ball as he runs away?
(a) Back
(b) Leg
(c) Shoulder
(d) Neck

10. Which of the following is not illegal to pray for now?
(a) British soldiers
(b) Independence
(c) The King
(d) Parliament

11. Which of the following does not portray war in this book?
(a) Sacrifices
(b) Glory
(c) Suffering
(d) Struggle

12. The lives and deaths of many of the characters, including Jerry Sanford and _________, were written here as they were recorded.
(a) Ned
(b) Marcus
(c) Maggie
(d) Paul

13. What does Tim begin to resent?
(a) Working at the tavern
(b) Not being able to travel
(c) Not going to war
(d) Being a Loyalist

14. What does Sam say about Mr. Meeker?
(a) Mr. Meeker was hanged without a trial
(b) He tried to help but could not even find out where he is
(c) Mr. Meeker is going to be tried as a traitor
(d) It serves him right for being so mean to Sam

15. The setting, _____________, and events in this story are true.
(a) All of the characters
(b) None of the characters
(c) Two of the characters
(d) Many of the characters

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following things has not worn down Mrs. Meeker's spirit?

2. Of what did Mr. Meeker die?

3. What is a major problem for the people in Redding now?

4. What advice does Sam give Mrs. Meeker and Tim?

5. Who tries to come up with some escape plans for Sam?

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