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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has happened to Mr. Meeker's newspaper?
(a) It is defunct
(b) It is banned
(c) It is finally making a profit
(d) It is thriving

2. Other than his sudden arrival, what surprises Sam's family?
(a) His scarlet uniform
(b) His weight
(c) His haircut
(d) His new wife

3. Why is Tim so intent on delivering messages for Mr. Heron?
(a) He wants to be a good neighbor
(b) He wants some glory from the war
(c) He wants to travel
(d) He wants to defy his father

4. Who is Tim supposed to deliver a message to?
(a) Mr. Adams
(b) Mr. Jefferson
(c) Mr. Franklin
(d) Mr. Burr

5. Who is the girl that Sam likes?
(a) Betsy Read
(b) Betsy Redding
(c) Bonnie Redding
(d) Bessie Read

6. What are the soldiers demanding from Mr. Meeker?
(a) Ale
(b) Food
(c) The family gun
(d) Money

7. What do soldiers on both sides of the war now steal?
(a) Vegetables
(b) Chickens
(c) Ale
(d) Cows

8. In Redding, _______ is a topic of constant discussion.
(a) Music
(b) Fashion
(c) Art
(d) War

9. Who is Tom Warrups?
(a) A local surveyor
(b) The town blacksmith
(c) A local trapper
(d) An Indian who lives in town

10. What unfamiliar sound disturbs Tim?
(a) His father's weeping
(b) His mother's wheezing
(c) Sam's screams
(d) The cows' grunts

11. What town does Mr. Meeker hope to avoid on the return trip?
(a) Groton
(b) Millersville
(c) Hartford
(d) Ridgebury

12. Why does Tim say he needs the gun?
(a) The soldiers will kill their father if he does not give them the gun
(b) The family is being harrassed by Rebels
(c) Hunting season is coming up
(d) He wants to join the Rebels

13. What would make the trip easier for Mr. Meeker and Tim?
(a) More oxen
(b) A lighter load
(c) Escorts
(d) A covered wagon

14. Who rescues Mr. Meeker and Tim?
(a) Loyalists
(b) Mr. Heron
(c) British soldiers
(d) Mr. Burr

15. What is Sam doing when Tim finds him?
(a) Cleaning the gun
(b) Sleeping
(c) Washing his clothes
(d) Cooking some food

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Mr. Meeker and Tim head after leaving the Platts' home?

2. What have the locals formed to keep things under control?

3. What does Tim do in secret that he knows his father would not approve of?

4. Mr. Meeker tells Tim that children caught up in the war could be killed or ______________________.

5. Who is the cousin that Tim meets?

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