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Redding Ridge

This is the home of the Meeker family and the town where they have their tavern.

The Meeker Tavern

This place serves food and lodges travelers. It also has a small store, and people in the town gather there to socialize as well as buy supplies.

Sam's uniform

Sam arrives at the Meeker tavern proudly wearing this scarlet clothing.

The Brown Bess

Father's large gun, which Sam steals when he runs off to the war.

The Two Churches

Redding Center has a Presbyterian one and an Anglican one.

Tom Warrups' Hut

When Sam and Father argue, Sam runs away to this place behind the Reads' house.

The Letter

Tim is supposed to carry this to Fairfield for Mr. Heron, but Betsy takes it away from him.

Fishing Hooks and Line

When Tim leaves to deliver Mr. Heron's letter, he lies to Father and says he is...

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