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Essay Topic 1

Chapter 1 opens with a pounding rain that sounds like drums foreshadowing the coming of war. Explain foreshadowing. Why is this example considered to be foreshadowing? Can you cite two other examples of foreshadowing in the book?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the life of the Meeker family at the beginning of the book. Include their occupation, their home life and family members. How do these elements evolve as the story progresses to the end?

Essay Topic 3

Define the position of the Loyalists in Colonial America. Define the position of the Patriots in Colonial America. Now, compare and contrast the two positions and how their objectives were similar and how they were different.

Essay Topic 4

Why is Sam's sudden appearance at the Meeker Tavern so unsettling? Where is Sam supposed to be? How is he dressed? What is his demeanor?

Essay Topic 5

What is the role of religion in...

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