My Brother Sam Is Dead Character Descriptions

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Timothy Meeker

The novel follows this character as he grows from a young boy to an adult faced with the brutal realities of war.

Sam Meeker

This character is the bold and clever older son in the Meeker family and is stubborn and sometimes brash.

Father (Life Meeker)

This character is a man guided by religious morality and believes that loyalty to the king is part of obedience to God and that the price of war is too high for the principles behind it.

Mother (Susannah Meeker)

This character is a strong, moral woman at the beginning of the novel, but is gradually worn down by the cost of war.

Betsy Read

This character is one of the main forces driving Tim's uncertainty about the war, badgering him with questions and forcing him to choose sides.

General Putnam

This person is the commander of Sam's encampment in Redding...

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