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Chapter 1

• Sam Meeker unexpectedly returns home to the Meeker Tavern in Redding, Connecticut, as a Continental soldier telling stories of British defeats.

• The Meekers are surprised to see their son who is supposed to be in school at Yale.

• Father thinks it is foolish to begin a war over a few taxes but Sam believes in the principle of complete freedom.

• The younger Meeker son, Tim, wishes Sam would not go against their father but Sam is not to be swayed from his purpose of fighting.

Chapter 2

• The town of Redding is divided into Redding Ridge where the Anglican Church is and Redding Ridge where the Presbyterian Church is.

• Most of the people in the area go the the Anglican Church and are Tories--loyal to the King of England.

• Sam has run away from home and staying at the shack of Tom Warrups, an Indian who lives in...

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