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Elena Ferrante
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Elena and Lila boil down Lila's goals to in Adolescence: Chapter 38?

2. What word from the narrative means lacking harmony?

3. What does the word "expiate" mean in the narrative?

4. What do the men of the neighborhood compete with at the party in Adolescence: Chapter 22?

5. How do Stefano's sister and mother feel about Lila in Adolescence: Chapter 44?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed to the reader through Donato's sexual assault of Elena?

2. What is significant about the New Year's Eve party that is referenced throughout the narrative?

3. What is foreshadowed in the end of Adolescence: Chapter 36? How does this foreshadowing develop tension in the narrative?

4. Why does Elena pursue Alfornso and Antonio in Adolescence: Chapters 43-48?

5. How do the neighborhood youths feel about the engagement of Stefano and Lila in Adolescence: Chapters 43-48?

6. Why does Stefano win Lila's hand instead of Marcello?

7. What occurs in Adolescence: Chapter 53 that gives Elena a feeling of purpose?

8. What do the actions of the Solara brothers reveal about their characters during the fireworks competition at the New Year's Eve party?

9. How does Elena respond to the engagement of Lila? Why?

10. What causes Elena depression and dissatisfaction in Adolescence: Chapters 25-30?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the story of Donato Sarratore and Melina Cappuccio. What happened between these characters? How did the encounter between them influence their lives and reputations in the neighborhood?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss Stefano Carracci's pursuit of Lila in the narrative. How does Stefano go about wooing Lila? Why do you think he is more successful than Marcello Solara? How do you foresee their marriage unfolding?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the political ideals that are explored and discussed in My Brilliant Friend. How would you define Communism and Fascism? What are the history of these political ideals in Italy? How do they reflect upon the characters in the novel?

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