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Elena Ferrante
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Lila, Elena, and Carmela out for an evening in Adolescence: Chapter 26?
(a) Rino and Pasquale.
(b) Marcello and Michele.
(c) Don Achille Carracci.
(d) Stefano Carracci.

2. How is Stefano Carracci's new car described in Adolescence: Chapter 36?
(a) It is a red convertable sports car.
(b) It is a black Rolls Royce.
(c) It is a yellow station wagon.
(d) It is a blue Fiat 1100.

3. Who sexually assaults Elena in Adolescence: Chapter 35?
(a) Donato Saratorre.
(b) Fernando Cerullo.
(c) Nino Sarratore.
(d) Alfonso Carracci.

4. What happens when Elena argues with teacher in Adolescence: Chapter 53?
(a) She is suspended from school.
(b) She is given a scholarship.
(c) She receives a demerit.
(d) She is expelled from school.

5. Who invites Elena and Lila to his house in Adolescence: Chapter 20?
(a) Don Achille Carracci.
(b) Stefano Carracci.
(c) Fernando Cerullo.
(d) Marcello Solara.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has presumably trashed Marcello's car and beaten him up in Adolescence: Chapter 47?

2. What is the name of the teacher's relative with whom Elena spends the summer in Adolescence: Chapter 30?

3. What word from Adolescence: Chapter 24 means lacking sympathy or compassion?

4. Where are Lila, Elena, and Carmela when a fight breaks out in Adolescence: Chapter 26?

5. On what terms does Stefano decide to invest in Fernando's shoe shop in Adolescence: Chapter 38?

Short Essay Questions

1. What occurs in Adolescence: Chapter 53 that gives Elena a feeling of purpose?

2. What conflicts lead to the climax of the narrative plot in Adolescence: Chapters 55-60?

3. What occurrences take place in Ishia that Elena never reveals to Lila?

4. Why does Elena pursue Alfornso and Antonio in Adolescence: Chapters 43-48?

5. What causes Elena depression and dissatisfaction in Adolescence: Chapters 25-30?

6. What do the actions of the Solara brothers reveal about their characters during the fireworks competition at the New Year's Eve party?

7. What is significant about the New Year's Eve party that is referenced throughout the narrative?

8. Who are Elena's romantic suitors after school begins in Adolescence: Chapter 41?

9. What revelations does Elena experience during the wedding and ride to the reception in Adolescence: Chapters 58 and 59?

10. What do Lila and Elena conclude regarding Stefano Carracci in Adolescence: Chapter 21?

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