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Elena Ferrante
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invites Elena and Lila to his house in Adolescence: Chapter 20?
(a) Don Achille Carracci.
(b) Stefano Carracci.
(c) Fernando Cerullo.
(d) Marcello Solara.

2. Where are Lila, Elena, and Carmela when a fight breaks out in Adolescence: Chapter 26?
(a) At a dramatic performance.
(b) At a music concert.
(c) In a cafe.
(d) At a movie theater.

3. Who says that they will be the one to tell Marcello about Lila's engagement to Stefano in Adolescence: Chapter 39?
(a) Elena.
(b) Fernando.
(c) Lila.
(d) Nunzia.

4. What is Elena asked to write in Adolescence: Chapter 53?
(a) A newspaper article.
(b) A poem.
(c) An essay in Latin.
(d) A song.

5. Whom does Elena see that causes her feelings of horror in Adolescence: Chapter 41?
(a) Rino Cerullo.
(b) Donato Saratorre.
(c) Alfonso Carracci.
(d) Stefano Carracci.

6. Who is Nino's mother?
(a) Nunzia Cerullo.
(b) Lidia Sarattore.
(c) Elisa Greco.
(d) Carmela Paluso.

7. What does Stefano say to Lila about his car in Adolescence: Chapter 36?
(a) He says that he is selling it.
(b) He says that he hates it.
(c) He says that he bought it for her.
(d) He says that he is giving it to her father.

8. What have Lila and Rino created in Adolescence: Chapter 19?
(a) A pair of men's shoes.
(b) A sculpture of their mother.
(c) A men's suit.
(d) A painting of their father.

9. What word from the narrative means intended to placate or pacify?
(a) Articulate.
(b) Cultivated.
(c) Barbituate.
(d) Conciliatory.

10. Stefano tells Lila in Adolescence: Chapter 37 that he never spends money unless what?
(a) It will make money.
(b) It is for a beautiful woman.
(c) He wants something.
(d) He has it to spend.

11. What does Stefano buy from Fernando in Adolescence: Chapter 37?
(a) A wedding ring.
(b) His villa in Paris.
(c) His car.
(d) The shoes that Lila and Rino made.

12. What word from the narrative means lacking harmony?
(a) Adulterated.
(b) Concentrated.
(c) Dissonant.
(d) Inarticulate.

13. What weapons do the Solaras brothers display in Adolescence: Chapter 22?
(a) Knives.
(b) Guns.
(c) Daggers.
(d) Swords.

14. Why is progress with the shoe shop not moving quickly in Adolescence: Chapter 46?
(a) Because Fernando has run out of funds for expansion.
(b) Because Rino and Fernando disagree on the plans.
(c) Because Nunzia refuses to let the project go forward.
(d) Because of Marcello's interference.

15. Whom does Lila ask Elena to visit with her in order to invite them to her wedding in Adolescence: Chapter 56?
(a) Elisa Greco.
(b) Nino Sarratore.
(c) Rino Cerullo.
(d) Maestra Oliviero.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what class does Elena argue with a teacher in Adolescence: Chapter 53?

2. What do Elena and Lila boil down Lila's goals to in Adolescence: Chapter 38?

3. How does Elena travel to her summer destination in Adolescence: Chapter 29?

4. What does Rino's father agree to do with the shoes Rino and Lila created in Adolescence: Chapter 28?

5. What internal conflict does Lila express to Elena in her letter in Adolescence: Chapter 34?

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