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Elena Ferrante
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sexually assaults Elena in Adolescence: Chapter 35?
(a) Fernando Cerullo.
(b) Donato Saratorre.
(c) Alfonso Carracci.
(d) Nino Sarratore.

2. What word from Adolescence: Chapter 24 means lacking sympathy or compassion?
(a) Pincipled.
(b) Aprobate.
(c) Fortitude.
(d) Insensate.

3. What word from the narrative means experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person?
(a) Abdicated.
(b) Articulate.
(c) Delineated.
(d) Vicarious.

4. Who forces Elena to sit next to her at the reception hall in Adolescence: Chapter 60?
(a) Elena's mother.
(b) Lila.
(c) Carmela.
(d) Elena's sister.

5. What word from the narrative means lacking harmony?
(a) Dissonant.
(b) Inarticulate.
(c) Concentrated.
(d) Adulterated.

6. Why does Elena keep her friendship with Antonio hidden in Adolescence: Chapter 45?
(a) Because she feels no one in the communit would approve.
(b) Because she has been forbidden from dating anyone.
(c) Because Antonio is married.
(d) Because she is engaged to Stefano.

7. What does Rino show his father on a feast day in Adolescence: Chapter 23?
(a) The suit he made for him.
(b) The sculpture of their mother.
(c) The painting of him.
(d) The shoes he and Lila made.

8. How does Lila respond when she hears about the rumors about her in Adolescence: Chapter 46?
(a) She sends Rino to seek revenge.
(b) She reads a public statement.
(c) She ignores them.
(d) She sends Antonio to seek revenge.

9. What word from Adolescence: Chapter 41 means showing an impudent lack of respect?
(a) Articulate.
(b) Emancipated.
(c) Audacious.
(d) Excruciating.

10. What happens to Elena's glasses in Adolescence: Chapter 42?
(a) They get trampled at school.
(b) They are thrown in the trash.
(c) She loses them at school.
(d) They are stolen by Marisa.

11. What word from the narrative means intended to placate or pacify?
(a) Conciliatory.
(b) Barbituate.
(c) Articulate.
(d) Cultivated.

12. Who is Nino's mother?
(a) Nunzia Cerullo.
(b) Lidia Sarattore.
(c) Carmela Paluso.
(d) Elisa Greco.

13. Who takes Lila, Elena, and Carmela out for an evening in Adolescence: Chapter 26?
(a) Don Achille Carracci.
(b) Stefano Carracci.
(c) Rino and Pasquale.
(d) Marcello and Michele.

14. What happens with the shoes on display in Fernando's store in Adolescence: Chapter 55?
(a) They are sent to France.
(b) They are destroyed by a flood.
(c) They are stolen.
(d) None of the shoes sell.

15. What holiday is being celebrated at the party in Adolescence: Chapter 20?
(a) Christmas Eve.
(b) Easter.
(c) Halloween.
(d) New Year's Eve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the two men that Lila has received declarations of love from in Adolescence: Chapter 24?

2. How is Stefano Carracci's new car described in Adolescence: Chapter 36?

3. To whom does Lila take Elena's glasses for repair in Adolescence: Chapter 42?

4. What is the name of Nino's sister that arrives at the summer house in Adolescence: Chapter 31?

5. Where are Lila, Elena, and Carmela when a fight breaks out in Adolescence: Chapter 26?

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