Objects & Places from My Brilliant Friend

Elena Ferrante
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Shoe Store

This is the business that is owned and run by Lila's family in the novel.

Blue Coupe

This vehicle is described in association with the Solara brothers in the novel.


This is the city in Italy where Elena and Lila grow up.


This is the island where Elena spends a summer with her teacher's cousin.

Silver Bracelet

This object is broken by the Solaras brothers but is fixed when Lila threatens them.

Little Women

This novel inspires the protagonists to write and they reread it many times in their youth.


This is the setting where Elena's father works.


This setting is where Elena is found in the Prologue of the novel at her home.

Grocery Store

This business in the neighborhood is owned and run by Don Achille Carracci until his murder, when his son inherits the business.

Pastry Shop

This business...

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