My Brilliant Friend Character Descriptions

Elena Ferrante
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Elena Greco

This character is the narrator of My Brilliant Friend. In the beginning of the story she is six years old, and the novel takes the reader through her sixteenth year. She is upper-lower class, because her father serves as a porter in a fancy hotel in Naples.

Lila Cerullo

This character is the daughter of the local shoemaker in Naples. Her family is characterized by stress and violence, and they are on the lower rungs of their class.

Rino Cerullo

This character is a hot-headed, passionate individual who plans and schemes and dreams, and falls into a deep depression when these things don't come to pass. He is prone to fits of depression and is unstable while his younger sister is prone to remaining calm and collected.

Don Achille Carracci

This character is the unspoken leader of the neighborhood and much feared for his connections to Communism...

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