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Reymundo Sanchez
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the Puerto Rican gangs at war with in Chapter 29?

2. Reymundo met a girl named Cindy in Chinatown whose nickname was ________________.

3. Who was the young woman who took over the role of Reymundo's big sister and mother figure in Chapter 39?

4. What was Reymundo's status in the Latin Kings in Chapter 32?

5. Reymundo got his first battle wound when a bullet grazed his _________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Reymundo brutally shoot and wound Agila and how did Loca get Reymundo's life spared for the incident?

2. Why did the white, middle-class kids in the suburbs not make it in gangs?

3. What was life like now for Reymundo since the Puerto Rican gangs were at war with each other?

4. What did Reymundo do when Morena was killed in a drive-by shooting?

5. What impact did Juni have on Reymundo's life and what eventually happened to Juni?

6. What logic did Cindy try to use on Reymundo about getting out of the gang lifestyle?

7. What happened to Rosie for trying to set up Reymundo for a hit?

8. What was the incredible bit of luck Reymundo had when viciously confronted by a Latin Lovers gang member?

9. Who offered to help Reymundo get out of gang life?

10. Why did Rosie pretend to be in love with Reymundo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Create a character study of Reymundo's mother. What are her physical characteristics? What are her motivations? What are her fears? What are her dreams? What else can you say about Reymundo's mother?

Essay Topic 2

The author uses more than one iteration on the theme of the search for acceptance. Identify at least two themes about acceptance in the book. Then cite an example to support each theme you name.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the concept of loneliness as it exhibits in the story. Which of the characters are lonely? Are they all lonely in some way? Explain the loneliness and the methods and attempts to overcome it.

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