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Reymundo Sanchez
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reymundo realized that the Kings' real purpose was to ____________________.
(a) rape young girls.
(b) rob stores.
(c) sell weapons.
(d) sell drugs.

2. What did the member of the Latin Lovers order Reymundo to shout as he held a gun to Reymundo's head?
(a) Kings Rule.
(b) Kings Forever.
(c) King Lover.
(d) King Killer.

3. Which gang member went to prison for the killing and maiming of the Imperial Gangsters members shot by Reymundo?
(a) Diablo.
(b) King Dino.
(c) Snake.
(d) Reymunco.

4. In Chapter 29 a Spanish Cobras chief was gunned down while holding ________________ in his arms.
(a) his baby.
(b) a puppy.
(c) a stray cat.
(d) a basketball.

5. Who were the Puerto Rican gangs at war with in Chapter 29?
(a) Asian gangs.
(b) Other Puerto Rican gangs.
(c) Black gangs.
(d) White gangs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the girl in #91 change her mind about having sex with Reymundo?

2. What was the sentence of the person in #129?

3. Reymundo was jealous of a new boy named ______________ for his stable home life.

4. Reymundo's best friend, __________________, was killed in a drive-by shooting by Imperial Gangsters in Chapter 36.

5. Which area did the Latin Disciples take over?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Reymundo do when Morena was killed in a drive-by shooting?

2. What happened at Reymundo's gang initiation and what was his Latin King name now?

3. Why did King Dino have to go to jail for the crime that Reymundo committed in retaliation for Morena's death?

4. Why did the white, middle-class kids in the suburbs not make it in gangs?

5. What was life like now for Reymundo since the Puerto Rican gangs were at war with each other?

6. Why did Jenny not want to have sex with Reymundo, and who did he have sex with instead?

7. What logic did Cindy try to use on Reymundo about getting out of the gang lifestyle?

8. Who offered to help Reymundo get out of gang life?

9. Why did Reymundo no longer want to join a gang, and why did he go through with it anyway?

10. What was meant by "violating out"?

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