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Reymundo Sanchez
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Loco give to Reymundo for Reymundo to sell?
(a) Two guns and a machete.
(b) Two nickel bags and a machete.
(c) A pistol and two nickel bags.
(d) Two guns and a bag of drugs.

2. How did the boy in #124 die?
(a) Pipe bomb.
(b) Shotgun blasts.
(c) Knife attack.
(d) Terminal illness.

3. Who was the young woman who took over the role of Reymundo's big sister and mother figure in Chapter 39?
(a) Celestina.
(b) Maria.
(c) Evangeline.
(d) Loca.

4. Who was arrested when a gang member was run over by a van?
(a) Hyena.
(b) Weasel.
(c) Cougar.
(d) Panther.

5. Which Latin King was fatally beaten for losing the cocaine he was supposed to sell?
(a) Nickel.
(b) Stick.
(c) Slim.
(d) Jazz.

Short Answer Questions

1. For the first time, the gangs expanded to _______________________.

2. With whom did Reymundo stay when he was released from prison on bail?

3. What did the member of the Latin Lovers order Reymundo to shout as he held a gun to Reymundo's head?

4. Which childhood friend did Reymundo run into in prison?

5. Which area did the Latin Disciples take over?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was life like now for Reymundo since the Puerto Rican gangs were at war with each other?

2. Why did the white, middle-class kids in the suburbs not make it in gangs?

3. Why did Maria kick Reymundo out of her apartment and where did he live after that?

4. What impact did Juni have on Reymundo's life and what eventually happened to Juni?

5. Why did King Dino have to go to jail for the crime that Reymundo committed in retaliation for Morena's death?

6. How does Reymundo threaten Blanca into having sex with him?

7. What happened at Reymundo's gang initiation and what was his Latin King name now?

8. Why did Reymundo no longer want to join a gang, and why did he go through with it anyway?

9. What did Reymundo do when Morena was killed in a drive-by shooting?

10. What role did Loca take on in Reymundo's life?

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