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Reymundo Sanchez
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Reymundo have sex with at Humboldt Park?
(a) Cubana.
(b) Maria.
(c) Celestina.
(d) Maritza.

2. Why did Reymundo agree to an affair with a homosexual man named Freddy?
(a) He needed a place to stay.
(b) He felt sorry for the man.
(c) He wanted to try the homosexual experience.
(d) He wanted a gay lifestyle.

3. Why did the girl in #109 pretend to be in love with Reymundo?
(a) To see if he liked her or not.
(b) To make her boyfriend jealous.
(c) To lure him into Disciple territory for a hit.
(d) To get into the Kings gang.

4. Reymundo was jealous of a new boy named ______________ for his stable home life.
(a) Jedi.
(b) Juni.
(c) Jakx.
(d) Jinx.

5. Why did the girl in #91 change her mind about having sex with Reymundo?
(a) She was afraid of contracting AIDS.
(b) She was a virgin.
(c) She thought Reymundo was too young.
(d) She was in love with someone else.

6. Which of the following was NOT in Reymundo's possession when he was caught and sent to jail?
(a) $2,000.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Heroin.
(d) Uzi submachine gun.

7. Reymundo took orders only from the highest leaders, most of whom were _____________________.
(a) at a secret location.
(b) at least five years older than he.
(c) in the penitentiary.
(d) at the clubhouse.

8. What was the name for what the Kings did to the boy in #99?
(a) Deathy defying.
(b) Long goodbye.
(c) Justice for all.
(d) Violating out.

9. What did Loco give to Reymundo for Reymundo to sell?
(a) A pistol and two nickel bags.
(b) Two guns and a bag of drugs.
(c) Two nickel bags and a machete.
(d) Two guns and a machete.

10. At sixteen, Reymundo was offered the position of the ___________________ for the second time.
(a) Southside Locos.
(b) Street Masters.
(c) Peewee Kings.
(d) Barrio Boys.

11. What did Loca insist that Reymundo do?
(a) Take GED classes.
(b) Throw away his guns.
(c) Go into detox.
(d) Find a new place to live.

12. When Reymundo saw the NRA sticker on the white guys' car he though it meant ____________________.
(a) a federal government agency.
(b) another gang name.
(c) a local police car.
(d) a state investigative unit.

13. What was the only way to leave a gang?
(a) Terminal illness.
(b) Move to a new city.
(c) Being violated out.
(d) Announce it.

14. The gang member of which gang was run over by a van?
(a) Imperial Gangsters.
(b) Southside Locos.
(c) Crips.
(d) Poison Cobras.

15. Reymundo began to have nightmares about ________________________.
(a) his own violent death.
(b) all about the people he's shot or seen die.
(c) killing his mother.
(d) being crippled or hideously maimed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Reymundo acted as lookout for _________________ who bought rifles and pistols from southern Illinois white guys.

2. Why did Maria kick Reymundo out of her apartment in Chapter 33?

3. What did the member of the Latin Lovers order Reymundo to shout as he held a gun to Reymundo's head?

4. What was Reymundo's status in the Latin Kings in Chapter 32?

5. What was the reason for Rosie's attack?

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