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Robin Cook
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does NGF stand for?
(a) Nerve growth factor.
(b) Nominal genome fission.
(c) Negative gene function.
(d) Normative gamma facilities.

2. What is Victor's reaction to Mark Murray's condition?
(a) Victor is relieved.
(b) Victor is very upset.
(c) Victor is irritated.
(d) Victor is unconcerned.

3. What third file does Victor find is missing from his computer?
(a) A file on in-vitro fertilization.
(b) A file on company security.
(c) A file on VJ.
(d) A file on himself.

4. What does Marsha encourage VJ to do more?
(a) Spend more time with his friends.
(b) Do more homework.
(c) Play outside more.
(d) Do more chores around the house.

5. What personal characteristic do Mark, Maurice, and VJ have in common?
(a) Interest in finance.
(b) Lack of emotion.
(c) Emotional dependence.
(d) High intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. How large is are the facilities of Victor's company?

2. Where do Mark, Maurice, and VJ's fathers all work?

3. What did Janice die of?

4. Where did the compound once get its power?

5. Who delivers the baby, VJ?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Marsha's concerns about VJ?

2. What might VJ's motivation be for how he performed during the race with Victor?

3. What does Victor think, when he sees the baby after he is born?

4. Who meets the Frank family when they return to their home?

5. What does Victor do with the tissue samples he brings back from the hospital?

6. Compare Marsha and Victor's attitudes toward their son.

7. How do Victor's test results on Mark and Maurice compare to VJ's test results?

8. How does Sharon Carver try to get her job back?

9. What does Victor see that he was doing on the day that the records show the missing files were deleted from his computer?

10. What is Victor's response to Mark Murray's death?

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